Resource Compass

An online platform for procuring solar and wind resource data

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Resource Compass

Resource Compass was initially developed as the delivery mechanism for DNV GL’s high-resolution satellite-based irradiance dataset, SunSpot. Based off the Perez model, SunSpot converts 1 km resolution satellite imagery to high quality irradiance data. First, visible imagery is normalized by its historic dynamic range for a given location. Clouds, generally bright, are represented by pixels on the high end of this spectrum. Next, infrared imagery is utilized to retrieve cloud temperature. Cloud temperature can provide information on cloud height, thickness, and composition – all important factors in determining a clouds effect on surface irradiance. Together, the visible and infrared imagery provide an accurate estimate of irradiance at the surface. Validated against the seven United States SURFRAD stations, SunSpot has proven to be accurate for use in solar energy analyses. Currently, SunSpot is available in the United States at a temporal resolution of 15 minutes from 1 January 2000 to present.

Resource Compass is a comprehensive renewable energy data platform through which users can acquire historical meteorological data related to wind and solar energy production. Specifically, three products are available:

  1. DNV GL’s SunSpot solar irradiance dataset
  2. DNV GL’s Virtual-Met-Data (VMD) wind dataset
  3. NASA’s MERRA2 weather dataset

Through the map-based interface, users can order time-series of data by selecting a set of coordinates, date-ranges, and weather variables. After ordering, DNV GL-proprietary physics engines perform the calculations for producing wind and/or solar data.

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Screenshot of the applicationAlgorithm example map

Resource Compass is a single source for solar and wind time-series data. You can find Resource Compass in the Veracity Marketplace and subscribe to the service. Time-series data in .csv format is uploaded to Veracity and available to the customer for download through the data portal application.