Floating wind turbines: a large range of engineering disciplines into a single system

Evening seminar event organised by the Society of Underwater Technology (SUT).

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Ricard Buils Urbano Ricard Buils Urbano
Head of Wind Turbine Loads Analysis and Head of Wave & Tidal

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Offshore wind farm technology review

Proud to support
DNV GL are proud to be sponsoring the Floating wind turbines: a large range of engineering disciplines into a single system evening seminar organised by SUT.

Presenting expertise
Experts from DNV GL will showcase turbine design expertise during this seminar.

Presenter: Ricard Buils Urbano, Head of Wind Turbine Loads Analysis and Wave & Tidal Sections, Turbine Engineering Support, DNV GL – Energy.
Date/time: Thursday 3 November 2016, from 17:30 
Session: Evening
Location: Imperial College London

Presenter bio:
Ricard Buils has been working in the wind industry for more than 10 years. After gaining experience in wind energy resource analysis at Energy Resources in Barcelona, he joined DNV GL in 2007. He is currently the Head of the Wind Turbine Loads Analysis and Wave & Tidal Sections at DNV GL – Energy, within the Turbine Engineering Support department in Bristol, UK. The Loads Analysis Section offers a vast range of services related to loads analysis and advanced numerical modelling of wind turbines, both for onshore/offshore/floating wind and tidal domains. The team is very much linked to the development of the software Bladed, the industry leading independent aero-servo-hydro-elastic tool.

During the last 4 years Ricard has been very active in promoting floating wind, whilst raising awareness of the challenges both from a technical and commercial point of view. This presentation will provide an introductory overview of the industry to then go onto the particular technical challenges related to the numerical dynamic coupled analysis of floating wind turbines. The presentation will go through the different engineering disciplines that combine together to affect the overall dynamics of the system:

  • Rotor aerodynamics
  • Platform hydrodynamics
  • Structural dynamics
  • Mooring dynamics

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