futureWind&Marine 2018

The annual conference organised by the Wind and Marine Energy Systems CDT, showcasing the latest research by PhD students within the centre. futureWind&Marine enables industry and academia to engage and develop research directions in the wind and marine energy sectors.

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Proud to sponsor
DNV GL are proud to be the Main Sponsor of futureWind&Marine 2018.

Presenting expertise
Experts from DNV GL will showcase wind and marine expertise during the conference.

Keynote speech
Presenter: Ricard Buils, Head of Section, Loads and Dynamics Analysis, Turbine Engineering, DNV GL - Energy
Presentation: Wind turbine life extension assessment – the practical challenges
Time: TBC
Abstract: Wind turbines are designed following specific certification standards, which prescribe both the type wind class conditions and the turbine lifetime. In practice, real site conditions are different from the original type class conditions used for design, hence a turbine site suitability assessment is required. Moreover, with the maturing industry wind farm owners are looking to extend their wind farms operational life beyond the original one they were designed for. This requires an updated assessment of the turbines life expectancy, taking into account the wind farm history both in terms of external wind conditions experienced by the wind turbines, but also the O&M strategy followed by the farm operator. Whilst the theory of this assessment is more or less understood, in practice several challenges arise when performing it, such as the lack of recorded operational data or how to marry the turbine health status from visual inspections with a quantitative life expectancy model. This presentation will provide an industry perspective on how life extension is undertaken in practice and how the common challenges can be overcome.

Panel discussion
Presenter: Paul Gardner, Global Segment Leader, Energy Storage, DNV GL - Energy
Presentation: Readiness of renewables for the impact of climate change
Time: TBC
Abstract: TBC

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