Jicable 2015 Versailles

Jicable, is the major international conference about Insulated Power Cables with a technical exhibition that will allow the cable community to be aware of the latest techniques available on the market.

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At Jicable, DNV GL will present the latest advancement in its Smart Cable Guard solution. In addition to the existing capability that allows system operators and industrial asset managers to detect and locate partial discharges on-line, Smart Cable Guard now immediately pinpoints, within 1% accuracy, the exact location of a fault in a MV cable system and reduces the time to repair. With this real-time insight, operators and asset managers can drastically reduce the time customers are affected by faults – and under certain circumstances they can also decrease the frequency by which customers are affected – ultimately cutting overall system costs.

The Jicable 2015 EVENT will take place in Versailles, near Paris in France on 21-25 June 2015. And we at DNV GL would be pleased to meet you there. We will be present at the technical exhibition with a booth (35 bis) and will be organizing an informal dinner where we will present the new features of Smart Cable Guard to you. Please fill out this form if you want to join our Smart Cable Guard dinner on June 21st (Pullman Chateau de Versailles; start 19:30)

At the conference we will be presenting several expert technical talks:

C1 Remaining Live Estimation

  • C1.2 - Risk on failure, based on PD measurements in actual MV PILC and XLPE power cables; Fred Steennis, Paul Wagenaars

E1 Economics of Cable systems

  • E1.2 - Copper or aluminium cable conductors, broadly compared in a life‐cycle perspective; Wim Boone, Remco Bal
  • E1.3 - Operating a 10 kV cable on a system voltage of 20 kV: the long term test; Wim Boone

C2 Management

  • C2.5 - Underground power cable health indexing and risk management; Sander Meijer, Peter van der Wielen, Mischa Vermeer, Jos Wetzer, Evert de Haan

E2 Cable Ratings 1

  • E2.1 – A guide for rating calculations of insulated cables; Frank de Wild

C4 Diagnosis MV

  • C4.2 – Accurate on‐line fault location (full breakdowns) for MV cables with Smart Cable Guard; Fred Steennis, Paul Wagenaars

B5 Submarine Cables‐General

  • B5.3 – Impact of HVDC cable configuration on compass deviation; Sander Meijer, Roald de Graaf

D6 Specific Testing Trends 1

  • D6.3 – Effectiveness of tests after installation on power cable systems; Peter van der Wielen

D7 Specific Testing Trends 2

  • D7.3 – New qualification tests for high loaded MV joints; Fred Steennis, Bernd van Maanen

C8 Improvement of Cable Ratings

  • C8.2 – Enhanced medium voltage cable ratings by improving cable trench design and thermal conditions; Frank de Wild, Sander Meijer

D9 Environment and sustainability I

  • D9.2 – Failures in underground power cables ‐ Return of experience; Bernd van Maanen, Cornelis Plet, Peter van der Wielen, Sander Meijer, Frank de Wild, Fred Steennis

E10 Challenging Environment

  • E10.2 – Accelerated aluminum corrosion upon water ingress in damaged low voltage underground power cables; Bart Kruizinga (promovendus DNV GL)

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