Nor-Shipping 2015

At the 50th Nor-Shipping, DNV GL will be a main sponsor. We will be hosting and participating in thought-leading discussions and providing you with plenty of insights.

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Technical drop-in seminars - 04 June

In addition to the DNV GL forum, we are pleased to invite you to our popular drop-in seminars. Through our classification, support and consultancy services, we gain unique hands-on experience in technical, operational and regulatory issues that are currently on the top of shipping agenda. See the full agenda below and download it as PDF.

Recent events at Nor-Shipping:

DNV GL forum (01 June)

This year, we have selected “Operating in today’s market” as the theme for the DNV GL forum. The rationale behind this is that the current business environments are challenging – from market, technology and regulatory perspectives – with many uncertainties influencing the decisions facing the shipping community. We have tried to design a program to reflect this. Please see our DNV GL forum agenda below.

Nor-Shipping Opening Conference (02 June)

Remi Eriksen, COO DNV GL, and Tor E. Svensen, CEO DNV GL - Maritime gave a key note speech and participated in a panel debate. More information about this conference on the official website.

Agenda for DNV GL forum and seminars

3rd/4th June: Technical drop-in seminars (no registration required)

  • Time
  • 11.00 -11.50


    Battery and hybrid power for marine and offshore vessels can provide significant reductions in fuel consumption, maintenance and pollution. Power-generation units can be smaller or fewer and optimized for a more average load. This may reduce investments, weight and the space required and thereby facilitate additional cost savings. Furthermore, the battery can improve the ship’s responsiveness, regularity and safety in critical situations due to large force response it can provide. In addition, the battery can function as a storage unit for black-out power, energy harvested from waste-heat recovery and the regenerative braking of cranes and renewable energy. DNV GL has developed a set of decision-support tools, including battery guidelines and class rules, “Battery Ready” services and training classes. The presentation will provide an overview of global trends and activities related to battery-powered vessels.



    Director Battery Projects

    Conference room located between hall C and D, 2nd floor, Nor-Shipping venue, Lillestrøm
  • 12.00 -12.50


    Since the merger between DNV and GL, we have been in the process of developing new rules for classification. Our ambitions are to provide a complete modern new set of rules for the maritime industry, built on our combined experience and expertise. In this presentation we will give you an insight on the development process and an introduction to the new rules.



    Program Manager

    Conference room located between hall C and D, 2nd floor, Nor-Shipping venue, Lillestrøm
  • 13.00 -13.50


    Shipping has done a lot to save energy in the past few years. Market leaders have implemented many technical measures. So what’s next? We consider fleet performance management to be the next wave in energy management in shipping. Leading container liners report 25% savings orchestrated with their fleet performance management system. In this session, we aim to point out the areas that need to be considered, where the necessary data come from and the savings levers that we experience from our customer base.



    Head of Fleet Performance Management

    Conference room located between hall C and D, 2nd floor, Nor-Shipping venue, Lillestrøm
  • 14.00 -14.50


    Through its day-to-day operations, DNV GL gains operational experience of more than 13,000 ships, and we would like to invite you to a session where we share our views on technical issues found in this fleet. The focus for this session will be on bulk carriers, but many of the issues addressed are generic and relevant for other ship types too. Issues that will be discussed are typical operational issues, based on findings from DNV GL surveys and audits as well as from Port State inspections. We will also give an introduction to new repair methods and address new awareness areas, such as maintenance challenges related to low-sulphur fuel, shaft and bearing problems and cargo liquefaction. Through this seminar, DNV GL aims to share with you some key takeaways to show you how to keep out of trouble and improve your day-to-day operations related to safety and compliance.



    Business Director Bulk Carriers

    Conference room located between hall C and D, 2nd floor, Nor-Shipping venue, Lillestrøm
  • 15.00 -15.50


    The Ballast Water Management Convention (BWMC) may enter into force in 2016. The USCG BWM regulations are in force and the practical consequence of both BWM convention and USCG is that most vessels in international trade must have a BWTS (Treatment System) installed within the next six years. DNV GL is heavily involved in the type approval process for BWTS as a USCG-delegated Independent Laboratory and can share some of its experiences from this. What is included in the type approval? What are the main technologies? What should the shipowner consider when choosing a system? DNV GL is also preparing for the retrofit challenge that will arise when numerous vessels are to have a BWTS installed in a short period of time. This entails the approval of drawings and procedures and a survey. How can the shipowner prepare for this?



    Principal Engineer

    Conference room located between hall C and D, 2nd floor, Nor-Shipping venue, Lillestrøm
  • 16.00 -16.50

    SHIPPING 2020

    In 2012, we produced Shipping 2020 – a report on “environmental technology” uptake for the maritime industry. The report provoked a lot of debate and interest from the shipping community. Now, 2.5 years since the original report was written, we have updated it. Based
    on the initial report, we have assessed how the market conditions and regulatory framework have influenced technology uptake and how we expect this to further develop towards 2020.



    Head of Product Marketing

    Conference room located between hall C and D, 2nd floor, Nor-Shipping venue, Lillestrøm