WEBINAR - How to improve your wind and solar park performance

Learn more about how our comprehensive Portfolio Manager tool can help you to improve your wind and solar park performance.

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Technisches Projektmanagement für erneuerbare Energien

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Tuesday 13 October 2015



Monitoring and reporting on a portfolio of wind and solar farms can be a real challenge, especially if you run sites with different technologies, manufacturers and locations. This increases both the need for and difficulty of effective management.

Our Portfolio Manager software software combines the successful WindHelm and SunHelm packages. It offers a single platform for monitoring, optimizing and controlling any combination of wind and solar PV installations, across any number of projects.  Portfolio Manager gives you uniform access to and analysis of SCADA data for all your projects. This facilitates intelligent operational decisions, therefore maximizing availability, efficiency, production and financial return.

With Portfolio Manager, you can see the current status, collect data and produce reports for your entire portfolio. It automates the whole process, freeing up your people to do the more in-depth analysis.


This webinar will demonstrate how Portfolio Manager is built for plant owners, operators and analysts, including:

  • What is our Portfolio Manager tool – an overview of the tool and how it benefits:
    • Simplicity - A single platform for the monitoring, optimization and control of any combination of operational devices, farms and portfolio.
    • Clarity - Giving owners and operators uniform access to, and analysis of, their SCADA data.
    • Efficiency - Facilitates intelligent operational decisions: maximizing availability, production and financial return.
  • What can Portfolio Manager do – we will provide real examples of how our Portfolio Manager tool can assist you to boost efficiency and financial returns.

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