WEBINAR - Reducing operating costs by implementing smart hull integrity management

Demonstration of the new ShipManager Hull

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ShipManager Hull - software for ship inspections and ship surveys

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On June 18th we will host a free webinar on how to reduce technical operating costs and TCO by implementing a dedicated management system focusing on hull inspection and maintenance.


  • 08:00 AM London time
  • 09:00 AM Oslo, Berlin, Rome time
  • 11:00 AM Dubai time
  • 15:00 PM Beijing, Perth, Singapore time


The webinar will demonstrate the capabilities of the new release of ShipManager Hull and cover how you can:

  • Ensure higher quality of data from hull inspections reported by crew or structural superintendent teams
  • Provide guidance to crew to know where to focus (“hot spots”) and what type of defects to look for
  • Integrate information from visual inspections with information from thickness measurement campaigns in one common platform
  • Easily share information reported from one vessel across sister vessels

Through a pro-active approach it is possible to achieve direct and significant savings on hull maintenance and repair:

  • Managing risk of unforeseen repairs
  • Reaching higher TMSA Levels (Tanker Management Self Assessment)
  • Improving your positioning with charterers / oil majors
  • Potential higher resale value of vessel
  • More accurate budgeting of repairs (scope and amount of steel)

This webinar is complimentary.