WEBINAR: TMSA 3 and how to comply with KPIs on Cyber Security (4.30 p.m. CET)

Learn what is new in TMSA3 and how you can prepare for the Cyber Security related KPIs.


Event Information

TMSA is the OCIMF’s Tanker Management and Self Assessment Best Practice Guide which offers a standard framework helping tanker vessel operators assess, measure and improve their safety management systems. The third Edition (TMSA3 2017) released April 2017 contains a new element (13) covering Maritime Security, each element defining clear objectives and supporting set of KPIs. Additionally, TMSA3 expanded the best practice guidance to include Cyber Security and clarifed Software Management related KPIs.

As part of our continuous support, we will walk you through what has changed between TMSA2 and TMSA3 – you will get a good overview of the impacted KPIs to help you understand the changes.

Further on, we will walk you through the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the maritime cyber security challenges – you will get a better understanding of this changing risk picture and how effective practices can help you score on the newly related TMSA3 KPIs.

The webinar is mainly relevant for tanker ship owners and operators.

Your presenters will be Jan Hinnerk Haul, Principal Consultant, Shipping and Vetting Advisory - Management Systems and Patrick Rossi, Cyber Security Service Manager, both DNV GL - Maritime.


>> Monday, 15 May: 04.30 - 05.30 p.m. CET

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Please be informed, that we will provide the slides and the recording after the webinar to all registrants.