WEBINAR – Validating accuracy of wind and solar pre-construction energy predictions

Learn about three pre-construction energy assessment methods to improve the accuracy of your project - 4pm London / 5pm Berlin / 11am New York

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Taylor Geer Taylor Geer
Global Practice Head Energy Assessment

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Complimentary Live Webinar

Wednesday 12 July 2017

4pm London / 5pm Berlin / 11am New York 


Accuracy in a pre-construction energy assessment is critical to realise the true value of a wind or solar project. Comparing the actual energy production of a project that has been previously assessed is the only way to validate an assessment methodology. Join us to learn about three topics which can help you to achieve accurate pre-construction energy assessments:

  1. DNV GL’s first ever pre-construction solar energy assessment validation – key learnings will be shared.
  2. Updates to the industry’s largest pre-construction wind energy assessment validation including operational data through 2016, a detailed look at the data post-2011, and an identification of recent trends impacting project performance.
  3. New pre-construction wind energy assessment validation for the Australian market.

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The webinar is highly beneficial for wind and solar energy assessors, and those looking to invest or develop wind or solar energy projects. It will also prove useful for non-technical staff looking to learn more about wind and solar resource assessment related issues.

The webinar will last 60 minutes with time for audience questions.