Winterwind 2018

A conference celebrating its 10 year anniversary and focuses on the challenges of generating wind power in cold climates. Winterwind offers seminars, debates, poster exhibition, networking, social events and technical visits. Parallel with the conference there is a fair.

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DNV GL is proud to be a KiloWatt sponsor at Winterwind 2018.

We will be located on stand 41.

DNV GL Experts
Our experts will be sharing their expertise during the event:

Presentation: Understanding Icing in the Nordics and North America
Presenter: Till Beckford, Acting Head of Section, Project Development, DNV GL - Energy
Date/time: Tuesday 6 February/13:00-14:30
Location: Arenan
Abstract: A major challenge for wind energy developments in cold climates is to understand the magnitude of energy losses caused by blade icing. The magnitude has been seen to exceed 50% during winter months, and surpass 10% over the course of a year. Such information is paramount to ensure the financial success of individual projects and indeed for the cold climate wind industry as a whole.

Exacerbating the risk that icing poses to potential wind farms in cold climates is the difficulty in accurately predicting the energy losses at a pre-construction stage. To solve this critical issue, DNV GL has been building its database of knowledge from both operational projects and pre-construction meteorological masts throughout the world, and feeding the findings from this back into its methodologies. 

Analysis of data from the Nordics has shown a strong trend with elevation, the importance of cloud base height, the high variability of wind farm icing and the ability to minimise loss through the turbine’s control strategy. These findings have been presented at numerous Winterwind conferences over the past years. 

At this conference, DNV GL shall expand the research undertaken to North America, and present a comparison between the characteristics of wind turbine and anemometer icing in the Nordics and North America, in order to show what similarities exist and how the regions differ. This comparison offers an interesting insight to industry players looking to expand into either market, whilst providing the scientific community with the results of real data and observations to further their understanding of the processes at play.

DNV GL has analysed operational data from over 30 wind farms and 80 meteorological masts in the Nordic region, together with a broad spectrum of data in North America. The resulting data-set is analysed and trends with respect to geography (elevation above sea level, height above ground, distance to coastline, latitude and longitude), operational mode, turbine layout and manufacturer are assessed, along with a comparison of the annual variability. Furthermore, the importance of humidity, temperature and cloud base height is discussed. 

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