MRV compliance

Verification of CO2 emissions 

Chapter III of the regulation (EU) 2016/2072 contains the scope of verification activities and the general obligations and principles for verifiers. 

Verifiers’ responsibilities include ensuring that monitoring plans (one-off, before end of August 2017) and emissions reports (annual verifications, starting early 2019) are “correct and in compliance with the requirements”. Assurance is to be provided by assessing the reliability, credibility and accuracy of the monitoring systems and of the reported data.

DNV GL is accreditated for the full scope of verification services under the EU MRV regulation. 

DNV GL will design the verification process as digital as possible to avoid any additional work for its customers. Our experts will check your emissions report with your voyage log abstract and available external data.


Be prepared for the EU MRV Regulation with DNV GL

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