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March 2016

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Dear customer, It has been an exciting month. Many of you will have had strategy conversation sessions with in your teams to discuss how you will be contributing to the Energy Strategy 2016-2020, to solving the Energy trilemma. Please do share your feedback on Yammer as we would like to hear your experiences.
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Meerwind Süd | Ost

Top line, efficiency and engagement
In the ELT meeting this month we have analysed the PEP results for Energy. Thank you again for completing the survey: 89% of the Energy employees have participated, which results in a clear overview of how we can improve engagement levels. We have set three clear goals at ELT level: we will focus on open and honest communication, work to reduce barriers and will continue our efforts to improve performance dialogues (MIP / IDP). In addition, do expect to hear more concrete actions plan for your region or Business Unit that focus on more specific improvement areas. This month the new segment leaders in Energy Advisory have been appointed and I wish them a great start in their new role. Also, we have submitted the budget requests to Group to deliver our Annual Operation Plans in 2016 – the first year of your new strategy period.

Elisabeth Harstad Acting CEO Energy
As you will have read in my email, the process to find my replacement as Energy CEO is taking longer than anticipated. As a result, and with the need for me to focus on my new role of Chief Group Development Officer, Remi Eriksen has decided to put an interim CEO in place until further notice. Elisabeth Harstad will take over as Acting CEO of the BA from 1st December.
Elisabeth will have full strategic and operational authority as the Acting CEO for Energy. She will be a member of the EC to represent Energy until a new CEO is appointed. There is a process underway with internal and external candidates to select the new CEO for the Energy business area.

“Although I’ll be Acting CEO, I will give it my full commitment. Although 2015 has been challenging, we are in good shape for next year. I am committed to giving my best to deliver our Annual Operation Plan for 2016 and make the year a successful start of the new strategy period. I look forward to collaborating with you and keeping the momentum we have built.”, says Elisabeth Harstad.

Thank you for our collaboration over the past four years. Now is the time for someone to build on the foundations that the Executive Leadership Team has established and lead Energy into the new strategy period.

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Visibly connecting your work to solving the Energy Trilemma
Knowing the energy trilemma and how you are solving it. Although that might sound like a big task, the reality is that we all support our customers across the energy value chain in ensuring reliable, affordable and sustainable energy. However, the way we do this is different from one region to the next, from one team to the next and also from one person to the next. In your team’s strategy conversation session you will have looked / look at what this means for your team and for you personally. The timing is right, because 1 December marks the start of the next goal setting MIP (Managing Individual Performance) and IDP (Individual Development Plan) round that will run until 29 February 2016. You will have a conversation with your manager on your targets for next year. Of course these are linked to your team’s targets that are linked to the Energy strategy. It all ties in together.

Knowing your MIP goals and how you add value: easy and fun
You can already start thinking about the goals you will set for next year to contribute to solving the energy trilemma. What would be the shortest summary of your work or value add? What would be your personal pitch if a colleague or a client would ask you what you do at DNV GL? To make this more exciting and visible, you can now create your own selfie in the ‘knowing and how’ theme that we use in our external campaigns. It will help you make your wor k visible, inspire others in seeing connections and ways to collaborate.  This is customer centricity in practice, and it’s both easy and fun!
In 3 steps to your personal picture pitch
Let’s look at a few examples from your colleagues (source: Yammer): Knowing the energy sector and how to measure the reality. Knowing the energy sector and how to make influencers making the right decisions. Knowing the energy infrastructure and to maintain a safe and cyber secure electricity delivery.
It takes just 3 easy steps:
1: Take a picture of yourself (don’t use an image filter)
2. Create your personal pitch using ‘knowing & how’
3. Send the photo and the pitch text to suzanne.bruin@dnvgl.com

Dr Brand and Lucy Craig PhD Prize
Dr Brand receives the prize

Share your personal picture pitch
You will then receive your personal pitch that you can use as your Yammer picture or share via other social media. And have a great conversation starter at your MIP/IDP conversation! You can create your personal picture pitch as long as the MIP conversations run, so until 29 February 2016.