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DNV GL to Expand it KEMA Powertest Labs in Chalfont

DNV GL, the recently merged company including KEMA held its ground breaking to add a new test cell at its KEMA High Voltage and High Power Test laboratory in Chalfont, Pennsylvania. Once completed, the new high power test cell will be the largest test cell in size and volume (34’x30’x26’ H) and will provide a safer environment to test and certify the latest Power Utility equipment coming into the marketplace. The testing performed exceeds 36,000 Volts (VAC) on typical transmission and distribution equipment that include transformers, reactors, circuit breakers, fuses, and power switches.

Paul Leufkens, Director Power TIC, US at DNV GL, spoke at the event as did Helen Haun, a member of the New Britain Township Supervisors, and Ilkka Pylkkanen, senior consultant KEMA-Powertest at DNV GL.

“As a New Britain Township Supervisor my goal is to oversee the health, safety and welfare of the community. A big part of that responsibility is ensuring the fiscal and economic health and growth of New Britain Township. With a company like DNV GL expanding its KEMA Powertest labs in our community, we take another step toward our bright future. KEMA, now part of the new company DNV GL, has always been a wonderful corporate neighbor”, stated Helen Haun. “As they continue their plans for expansion of this facility and their global corporation, the KEMA testing services of DNV GL will continue to be leading in the utility industry, stimulating technical and economic growth worldwide and by providing new employment opportunities regionally.”

Paul Leufkens added, “Based on our client inputs, the power industry is expected to continue its growth. The addition of this cell will play a critical role for our client’s and DNV GL KEMA-Powertest’s businesses while contributing to build a smarter, safer and greener future for all.”

KEMA-Powertest is a service of DNV GL’s Energy’s business, headquartered in Arnhem, the Netherlands. DNV GL’s KEMA-Powertest lab is the largest high-power independent electrical testing laboratory in the Americas, providing testing services for the energy and utility industry. KEMA-Powertest provides accurate measurements for equipment performance, testing and certification to its customers. Obtaining the KEMA certification is one more way to assure a safe and reliable energy infrastructure for future growth worldwide.