Alternative ship fuel market studies

Our feasibility studies on supply and demand, regulatory conditions and more for alternative ship fuel guide you into the future.

To comply with upcoming regulations and save bunker costs, you need comprehensive insight into the future of LNG as ship fuel. Independent assessments on market drivers are a must when making vital business decisions.

As one of the first classification societies to handle the topic of LNG going back over 30 years, and now with 100 confirmed LNG projects worldwide, DNV GL is the ideal expert for conducting market studies on this subject. 

Our market and feasibility studies explore future demand and supply for alternative ship fuels, particularly LNG. These studies are based on upcoming regulations, technological developments in the field of bunkering, among others, and market demands.

Backed by an excellent reputation in the industry, we have connections to most of the global regulatory bodies. This supports us in conducting our studies – so you can better plan your investments related to ship fuels. Our experience covers clients in the Middle East, the Belgium authorities and a private Chinese energy supplier, to name just a few. 

Choose DNV GL to support the future success of your business:

  • LNG fuel demand projections and bunkering opportunities for your country.
  • Financial viability for selected LNG bunkering opportunities.
  • Strategic roadmap of implementation and overview of capabilities required.
  • List of concrete recommendations to close the gaps in the regulatory framework.
  • Calculation of different supply chain options.
  • Options for emission reduction methods.
  • Provision of an overall basis for establishing an LNG bunkering facility.

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