Batch processing

Batch processing

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Wind turbine design projects require large sets of calculations to be performed regularly and a single set can require thousands of hours of computing power. Bladed Batch, part of the Bladed suite, is an application that manages the list of jobs and can be used to coordinate clusters of machines to run the calculations. It is tailored to the task of managing load calculation jobs.

Bladed’s Batch feature is linked to the main Bladed GUI, so jobs can be submitted as they are defined, including:

  • If jobs need to be modified they can be loaded back into the GUI. 
  • Changes can be imported across a selection of jobs, useful when a model needs to be modified, affecting many jobs in a batch.
  • Progress of each job can be monitored so you can see how far through a simulation is.
  • Messages and warnings from completed calculations are displayed in Batch.

The new Bladed Cloud service gives turbine designers the ability to optimize designs using the virtually limitless computing resources of Amazon Web Services. The on-demand computing platform means that turbine designers no longer require high-performance computers. You can simply click one button in Bladed and your calculations are sent to the Cloud for processing. This saves significant IT upgrade costs and cuts turbine design time.