Bladed’s simulation tools and analysis helps you to define turbine control.

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Internal and external controllers
Bladed provides an inbuilt controller with basic PI generator torque, blade pitch control and drive train damping feedback. Such controllers are useful for simple initial calculations.

If you require more advanced control features for turbine design, Bladed enables you to define your own external controller in a DLL (dynamic-linked library). Bladed provides a modern, function based controller API (Application Programming Interface) to allow robust and extendible communication between it and an external controller DLL. External controllers use a discrete time. This means that they communicate with Bladed on a fixed time step, just like controllers on an actual turbine.

LiDAR assisted control
LiDAR is a laser Doppler anemometer technology that can be used to estimate upstream flow speeds.

Bladed allows a LiDAR device to be defined with multiple beams which take velocity measurements at intervals and pass the data to the external controllers. There are options for blade, hub or nacelle mounted LiDAR and for different scanning patterns.

During LiDAR simulations, two wind files can be used together to allow the wind field to evolve in a realistic manner.

The LiDAR functionality is available in the Bladed Control module. [link to module page]

Bladed can create a linearized version of the wind turbine aero-elastic model by perturbing the states and environmental inputs.

These linearized models are extremely valuable for linear control design for the complex wind turbine system with coupled structural and environmental dynamics.

The linearized models are given in state-space form, both as text and directly in Matlab format, ready for use by the Matlab Control toolbox as used by many control engineers.

This functionality is available in the Bladed Control module. [link to module page]