ECO Assistant - effective trim optimisation

Sail at optimal trim and instantly save fuel with award-winning ECO Assistant.

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Since a vessel’s fuel consumption is significantly impacted by its day-to-day trim condition, optimum trim is highly desirable. Unfortunately, this impact and its related trim are hard to quantify in practice.

DNV GL’s award-winning ECO Assistant takes out the uncertainty in fuel savings due to trim. It is an on board and onshore software tool built around a pre-calculated database of ship-specific resistance and power-demand data providing answers in all operating conditions.

For several years now, many ship owners and operators have successfully been using ECO Assistant to reduce their fuel bills. The latest version, ECO Assistant 4, features four key modules: 

  1. Trim optimisation – display optimum trim and related fuel savings 
  2. E-training – safeguard continuous and effective use
  3. Reporting – save sailing conditions and share trim performance between ship and shore
  4. Fuel consumption calculation – identify benchmark and expected fuel consumption in various operating conditions

With more than 700 installations, ECO Assistant has proven to be a reliable tool. It has undergone repeated trim-focused sea trials on different ships to ensure its effectiveness.

Discover how our ECO Assistant can quickly help reduce your fuel consumption:

  • Easy-to-install and maintenance-free solution for a fast return on investment 
  • Maximum fuel savings in any sailing condition from day one of installation 
  • Powerful e-training for proper crew familiarisation
  • SEEMP-ready monitoring and reporting of trim performance
  • Calculation of fuel consumption in nearly any sailing condition