ECO Insight – easy fleet performance management

By making fleet performance visible, ECO Insight guides owners, managers and operators to taking the right actions for improvement.

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How can you leverage your existing operational information to quickly generate insight into your fleet’s performance and competitiveness – even without a large vessel monitoring budget?

The ECO Insight portal is our unique and effective fleet performance management solution. It not only provides a clear and comprehensive overview of your fleet performance, it also eliminates the need for a tailor-made software solution or to hire additional personnel for best-practice performance management.

ECO Insight has everything you need:

  • All major fleet performance topics, organised in a logical structure on a Web-based performance management portal
  • Industry best-practice dashboards for voyage, hull and propeller, engine and systems performance, e.g. operational modes, consumptions, speed profiles, weather conditions, trim adherence, EEOI development, emissions, SFOC, RPM, loads, pressures, running hours
  • Hull degradation based on detailed Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) results
  • Comprehensive means to compare, analyse and benchmark data by filtering, sorting and grouping according to your needs
  • Access to key industry and community data – such as AIS world fleet benchmarks, fuel or weather – to compare your own performance against others

Get our ECO Insight today – and start saving fuel and more:

  • Instant fleet performance overview for immediate improvement actions – saving you time and money
  • Full environmental reporting from one single solution
  • Low capital expenditure thanks to an affordable solution that uses your existing processes
  • Easy scaling to any fleet size and flexibility to accommodate mixed fleets (owned, managed, chartered in)
  • Performance benchmarks against in-fleet and market values for effective decision-making
  • Direct access to DNV GL experts on request gives you additional support