Electrical modelling

Bladed’s Electrical model simulates all components.

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Simple electrical models
Bladed has three simple inbuilt generator models to model the generator air-gap torque:

  • Fixed speed induction generator.
  • Variable slip generator.
  • Variable speed generator.

Simple time lags can be included to approximate the generator dynamics. Such simplified models of the electrical system are generally suitable for turbine load calculations.

Grid loss and generator short circuit can be simulated by applying a known generator torque time history. Low voltage ride through can be modelled including a simple model of a breaking resistor.

Detailed electrical models
Using Bladed’s Electrical Dynamics module [link to module page], it is possible to model electrical components and the grid in greater detail.

Detailed electrical system models are available for fixed speed induction, variable slip, synchronous generator and DFIG generators. Faults can be simulated, including low voltage ride through, grid loss and generator short circuits.

Network faults such as voltage or frequency disturbances can be included and their effects on the turbine evaluated.