Environmental technology and alternative fuels

Environmental Technology

We deliver feasibility studies, technology qualification and in-depth analysis of the real-life use of compliance solutions.

To comply with stricter environmental regulations and limit costs, ship owners need to evaluate alternatives to traditional fuels and technologies. But which option is best for a ship’s actual operational setting?

As marine and industrial engineers, economists and environmental specialists, we have the deep knowledge across multiple disciplines to offer reliable solutions.

We advise the maritime sector on environmental regulations and compliance options, we measure and benchmark your environmental performance, support you in making the best business decisions on environmental technology, and help turn environmental performance into a marketing advantage.

Our services in environmental technology and alternative fuels include:

  • ECA support – strategic advice on solutions for ECA compliance, including assistance in choosing and implementing technologies for reducing emissions and remaining in compliance in a cost-effective manner. 
  • Through our LNG intelligence portal (LNGi) we offer comprehensive insights on worldwide LNG bunkering availability and market data on LNG as fuel for ships.
  • Feasibility studies – evaluation of the technical feasibility and financial attractiveness of environmental technologies or fuels, such as LNG (LNG Ready), scrubbers, biofuel, battery systems, hydrogen, ballast water, VOC management, waste and wastewater technologies
  • Technology qualification – determination of whether a solution is fit for its given purpose
  • Emission analyses and assessments – tailor-made studies on fuels, technologies, regulations, emissions and environmental accounting, policy instruments and activity-based ship data (AIS)
  • Compliance documentation – preparation of documentation such as an inventory of hazardous materials (IHM) and a vessel general permit (VGP)
  • Triple-E – environmental & energy efficiency rating scheme for ships. An independent verification of a vessel’s environmental performance covering management, operation and design. 

We have been a designated technical advisor for the Norwegian NOx Fund since 2008. The NOx-Fund is an incentive arrangement that provides financial support for investments in emission abatement technology.

DNVG GL has been initiator of Green Coastal Shipping Programme, a partnership programme between government and industry aiming at creating the world’s most effective and environmentally-friendly fleet of coastal vessels.

Choose DNV GL to support you in profiting from greener shipping:

  • Make smart investments to comply with upcoming environmental regulations
  • Profit from technology that is well adapted to your vessel’s operational setting
  • Gain confidence through our support and our expertise – so you can focus on your core business
  • Strengthen your brand through greater efficiency with a smaller environmental footprint
  • Benefit from an independent, third-party opinion

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Environmental Technology and Alternative Fuels

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