Fleet management reports and business intelligence software - ShipManager Analyzer

Fleet management reporting solution for monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) and comparing costs and performance of your vessels

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ShipManager Analyzer software - fleet management reports and fleet management KPI

Fleet management reports

ShipManager Analyzer extracts fleet data from the other ShipManager software modules for analysis, allowing you to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs), compare costs and performance of your vessels.

Fleet management KPI analysis and more

  • ShipManager utilizes the valuable data that is produced in your systems every day
  • Brings important information to the attention of decision-makers
  • Enables a full analysis with drill-downs, slicing, dicing, etc
  • Connects data from different departments or source systems to gain insight

Effective fleet management reporting system

In day-to-day shipping operations, a vast amount of data is generated that can be used for optimization and improvement measures across the fleet. With ShipManager Analyzer software, it is possible to harness this information and use it effectively.

Shipping KPI and ShipManager Analyzer

  • Automate and simplify data collection and data processing tasks involved in preparing fleet management reports, summaries, statistics, etc
  • Run integrated reporting packages and dashboards for both ship management and operational needs
  • Draw conclusions about fleet and vessel performance even though data is spread across numerous software systems and/or departments
  • Easily compare vessels, see trends and bring together information that was not related 
  • Gain key information about the fleet, available on demand for decision-making support

As cost awareness and service combined with environmental protection have always been high on the agenda, we were looking for an integrated software solution that fulfils our company's internal requirements while managing our operational key processes more efficiently.

Bernard Held Managing Director, Reederei Held

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