Flow testing and calibration

Real world testing in multiple locations

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For oil and gas production and distribution flow assurance is key. Environmental and commercial drivers have made it essential to control what flows through systems, and to reduce uncertainty in flow measurements. 

DNV GL has specialized flow laboratories located in Norway (Høvik), UK (Durham, Spadeadam), the Netherlands (Groningen) and the US (Columbus, OH). These laboratories offer testing and calibration of equipment, with a range of gases and liquids under realistic flow conditions. From routine calibration of flow meters through to testing of subsea components, we are world leaders in flow and flow assurance, supported by computer modelling and multi-disciplinary advisory staff.  

Flow assurance and processing 

As the oil and gas industry develops new areas, the gas and liquids that need transporting and processing become more complex.  DNV GL laboratories enable:
  • Testing, validation and calibration of multiphase process equipment at realistic temperatures, pressures and flow rates.
  • Multiphase pipeline flow and corrosion studies using metallurgical expertise and hazard identification to determine the operating limits of components. 
  • Screening and selection of oilfield chemicals for hydrate formation and inhibition, wax deposition and remediation, and corrosion inhibition.
  • Global leading sand management, performing complex erosion testing of components used in the oil and gas industry.

Metering and custody transfer 

DNV GL's UK Flow Centre is one of the largest flow test facilities in the world, and can undertake flow tests and calibrations at close to operational conditions. Smaller meters can be calibrated at our Groningen laboratory. 

Regulators, valves, fluid and dust separators, secondary instrumentation and complete metering stations can be tested for onshore or offshore applications. Both laboratories also perform flow research for industrial processes and energy utilisation systems. 

We also undertake natural gas quality and component analysis for custody transfer flow measurement systems, and can analyse hydrocarbons, test for impurities (at trace level), and undertake testing on new analytical systems, software and flow computers.  

What we offer: 

  • Full-scale calibration and testing of flow metering
  • Hydrocarbon gas and liquid analysis
  • Multiphase test loop
  • Erosion test rigs: medium and full scale
  • Consultancy services and training courses.