Forecaster Live

On-demand, 24/7 access to forecasts helps you to monitor energy output and schedule maintenance.

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Forecaster live

Sometimes energy output to the grid is only as good as the energy forecasts which precede it. Energy traders, plant operators, asset owners, fleet operators and utilities need to meet various regulatory requirements, so they need to be certain that energy forecasts are rigorously detailed.

Forecaster Live is our subscription-based service, providing 24/7 streaming forecasts built on our proprietary modelling engine, and provides hourly-to-15-minute resolution out to 14 days.

Accessed via our intuitive website or sFTP feed, Forecaster Live provides on-going access to predictions of weather conditions and renewable power, giving you the critical guidance you need, anytime you need it.

For energy traders, Forecaster Live provides a way to remain competitive in the market; for plant operators, it provides the data needed to meet contract requirements while integrating renewables safely — and effectively — onto the grid.