Forecaster Plus

Accurate forecasts guide you to make informed decisions relating to mission critical operations and to manage financial risk.

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Global Head of Practice, Forecasting
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Forecaster Plus

When system reliability or financial contracts are at risk, utilities, system operators, asset owners, fleet operators, and energy traders need round-the-clock access to rapid-refresh, highly accurate wind and solar power forecasts. Finding a reputable system to deliver such trusted forecasts can be a real challenge. Forecaster Plus is trusted by organizations around the world, enabling them to make informed decisions relating to mission critical operations.

Forecaster Plus takes Forecaster Live to the next level, merging our state-of-the-art forecasting capabilities with high-availability, failover systems, as well as advanced machine learning capabilities. Valuable predictions are enhanced with real-time feedback, providing the highest levels of accuracy, trusted by ISOs and utilities in multiple countries.

Forecaster Plus provides customizable forecasts along a flexible time horizon, with flexible update frequencies. In addition, our Forecaster Plus service includes ramp warnings, uncertainty bands, and key situational awareness information; all of which can be presented on the Forecaster web portal or on customizable dashboards to meet your needs.