Forecaster Solutions

Fully customized forecasts give you the power to look at the bigger picture; whether you are testing measurement data hypotheses, need to acquire long range projections or carry out a grid integration study.

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Regional Practice Manager Forecasting
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Forecaster Solutions

It’s often difficult to find a truly tailored, customizable solution for energy forecasting – one which helps you to consider the bigger picture.

Forecaster Solutions brings together the best of two DNV GL worlds: our accurate forecasting and weather modeling expertise, as well as our rigorous analysis capabilities. Using our Forecaster platform, our analysts find answers to your questions and solutions for your challenges.

These one-of-a-kind customized solutions can be designed to a specific project or an on-going program need. And by tapping our worldwide consulting and advising services, we can further leverage our international industry knowledge — providing you with a leg up on the competition. And on the weather.

In addition, our scientists, engineers, and developers can build, deploy and support unique software and applications for your own in-house use.

Forecaster Solutions represents the greatest evolution in renewable energy forecasting and analysis — and is available now to those who need data-driven insights for investment decisions, integration and sensitivity studies or research and development projects.