HIL verification and testing services for EGC control system software

We ensure exhaust gas cleaning (EGC) systems work correctly so you comply with Annex VI of the MARPOL Convention and others.

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In order to reach the desired level of performance and comply with regulations, the EGC control system has to work seamlessly with sensors, pumps, valves, programmable logic controlers (PLCs) and other integrated systems. 

To support shipowners with operational issues relating to their EGC systems, which  are linked to software errors, we offer state-of-the-art hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing. It helps to detect hidden software errors, erroneous configuration parameters and design flaws in the EGC control systems. 

Unlike electrical and mechanical problems, that can to a certain extent be fixed by the on-board crew, software issues require software engineers from the EGC system supplier to come on board – a time-consuming undertaking. In addition, software fixes done under time pressure  often introduce new failures. Early testing helps to prevent this by using our HIL technology. The control system cannot sense any difference between the real world and the virtual world in the HIL simulator. This facilitates the systematic testing of the control system’s design philosophy, functionality and failure-handling capability, both in normal and off-design operating conditions. 

EGC HIL testing is performed by connecting a simulator to the target control system so that testing can be performed in a controlled environment.The HIL simulator acts as a virtual world for the control system by simulating necessary actuators, dynamics and sensors. The HIL simulator will respond in the same way as the actual system would do in real operation on board the vessel. 

The HIL simulators used for the initial test can also be re-used to test EGC system upgrades and for troubleshooting during the life cycle of the vessel. DNV GL delivers functionality and failure testing services for a broad range of control system functions and modes and across a wide range of equipment.

Choose DNV GL for your testing and verification of EGC control system software:

  • Secure your desired level of performance and compliance with regulations 
  • Minimize downtime and avoice port detentions thanks to systems that seamlessly work together 
  • Secure seamlessly work between sensors, pumps, valves, PLCs and other integrated systems on board the vessel
  • Get a safer, more robust system by testing the control system software at an early stage
  • The yard will minimize software issues during commissioning
  • The vendor will have an improved basis software and less issues during warranty period
  • Ensure safe and reliable operations