Machinery and shaft measurements service

We carry out measurements for the design verification and troubleshooting of your machinery, and deliver advice on the best solutions.

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Machinery Shaft Measurements

Our strength lies in bringing experienced engineers capable of performing measurements and analysis directly to your facility – backed by a global network of expertise. 

We have created a holistic approach, which includes measurements for design verification and troubleshooting, in combination with shaft alignment measurement, shaft torsional, axial and lateral vibrations, control stability and more.

The measurement techniques we apply are, among others:

  • Strain gauges with telemetry for shaft torque, power and structural static and dynamic loads
  • Load cell and LVDT measurements to verify bearing loads
  • Laser measurements to verify shaft alignment
  • Proximity probes for static and dynamic positions and deflections
  • Vibration responses by means of velocimeters/accelerometers
  • Ultrasonic flowmetering for external non-invasive flow measurement
  • Emission measurements

We also process and analyse the measured data in order to advise you on design solutions or troubleshooting and damage investigations.

Measurements are carried out on site, making our approach an efficient way to verify the design’s performance and check if it is meeting specifications. It is also an effective means for identifying the response of a component or a system, and the measurements are of great value for calibration of calculations.

For your newbuilding or retrofit, DNV GL has the machinery and shaft measurement expertise you need:

  • Our accurate results from measurements help you to save time and money
  • Profit from multidisciplinary expert troubleshooting and reliable recommendations
  • Get a full-service package, with on-site measurements, component and system analysis
  • Streamlined processes ensure minimal downtime for your operations