Model building

Model building

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A turbine model capable of making accurate load calculations contains thousands of parameter definitions. Each blade needs to have a structural definition and an aerodynamic definition. All of these dimensions are required to define the layout of the hub, whereas the drive train needs to be entered in a clear and unambiguous way. 

Bladed’s GUI gives you a structured way of entering all of this data. The main toolbar guides you through each area of the turbine model and environment. 2D and 3D diagrams of the entered data allow you to visually check that it has been interpreted correctly. The user interface has full knowledge of the parameters needed for any given turbine configuration and calculation, so you obtain prompt feedback if anything is missing or inconsistent.

Each new version of the modelling code is accompanied by a new version of the user interface to build any new model. The user interface has tools to upload and download model data between versions.