Online SCADA-based condition monitoring

Faster, better decision-making for onshore wind asset management with lower monitoring investment.

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Online SCADA-based condition monitoring

Turbine component failures can cost you dearly: the price of repairs, the loss of revenue and the damage to your reputation. Hence operational excellence underpinned by effective condition monitoring is crucial in keeping your turbines running. Unfortunately, traditional condition monitoring systems typically require expensive retrofits of additional sensors and equipment.

The answer is in your data
DNV GL offers you a better solution. Our Online SCADA-based condition monitoring service puts you firmly in control of the operation and maintenance of your assets. It uses innovative software to analyse the vast amounts of SCADA data your turbines already collect and identifies health issues in drive-train components. Our engineers then periodically review the results of the detection algorithms and provide you with additional feedback and recommendations.

Based on this, you can make better and faster decisions on restoring components to optimal performance, planning repairs or replacements to suit your schedule and minimize downtime and lost revenue.

Flexible control
Through the online portal, you will have 24/7 access to your real-time data and health reports wherever you are. You can also view component histories, download reports and more.

Experience you can rely on
This innovative service draws on our unrivalled experience in the onshore wind industry and has already provided health reporting for:

  • 13 projects
  • 256 individual turbines
  • 570 MW of power