Operational energy assessment of renewables

The most accurate post-construction energy forecasts for renewable energy projects – based on actual operational data and advanced analytic techniques.

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Operational energy assessment

When commissioning, budgeting or refinancing a wind energy project, your site’s capability needs to be determined by an accurate post construction forecast. An independent forecast provides you with crucial proof of potential performance capability.

Energy performance assessment
Our operational energy assessment service delivers everything you need for your renewables installation. We use your site’s operational data to assess the observed performance, calculating predicted energy outputs as P50 and P90 values.

Losses due to under-performance are quantified, and production is corrected to reflect long-term expectations for efficiency and availability. Then, using appropriate wind speed measurements, we correlate energy production to place it in the context of long term resource expectations. Uncertainty analysis can also be provided, allowing the accuracy of our results to be assessed to assist in the refinancing or budgeting process.

30 years of global experience
Based on operational performance and data, we use sophisticated analytical techniques to deliver the most accurate post-construction energy forecast available. We have some 30 years’ experience in these services.

During this time have worked with companies in assessing over 50 GW of operating plants worldwide, and developed an unrivalled reputation among the lending community. So your energy assessment will be readily accepted and respected by potential investors.