Performance enhancement of renewables

Performance enhancement is how DNV GL supports your renewables plant in achieving optimal performance, with maximum efficiency and availability.

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Performance enhancement

Often, improving operation comes from more complex machinery, with more complex operating modes. This produces more data which also makes processing and analysis more challenging. However, this challenge must be met to ensure your wind farm operates at maximum efficiency and availability.

We support you in this challenge through our performance enhancement service of renewables. We utilize all data recorded on your wind farm, including SCADA data, service records and fault analysis in our tools. Through fault finding and diagnostics, we can identify how your wind turbines are performing and establish if any optimization is required. Where any issues are identified, we also provide you with recommendations for an optimization program.

Global service
We can support you with our performance enhancement service anywhere in the world. Our sophisticated toolset is able to process vast quantities of data and our team of professionals has unparalleled experience in analyzing the data to deliver the best performance optimization.