Results plotting and visualization

Results plotting and visualizationn

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There are two tasks that engineers need to perform using results data:

  1. Analyse the time histories to gain an understanding of how the turbine in behaving. 
  2. Transform the data into the format that is needed by the engineers working in other teams who will use it as input to work. 

Bladed’s GUI includes tools for both tasks.

The graphing tool is designed for browsing the Bladed simulation outputs and plotting time histories. Different channels from various runs can be plotted alongside each other and can be quickly switched between and compared. Logarithmic scales, cross plots, bar charts and 3D surface plots are all supported.

Templates can be used to write standard format output tables or bar charts. Bladed’s GUI supports using templates to automate the task of adding many tables to reports. They can be used to loop over a set of outputs, for example writing one table for each output location down the length of the blade.

Bladed version 4.8 provides 3D animation of simulation results. This allows you to view the motion of the blades, tower, support structure and dynamic mooring lines from any angle. Playback can be paused or slowed down and you can switch between various solid or line renderings of the structure.