Voyage planning and optimization - Navigator BVS

Full-feature on board voyage planning and optimization software

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Navigator BVS software for ship operation

BonVoyage System

Navigator BVS (BonVoyage System) is a range of full-feature on board voyage planning and optimization software providing you with guidance on the safest, most optimal and fuel-efficient route based on each vessel’s unique characteristics. Navigator Seaware services are provided in cooperation with Applied Weather Technology (AWT), a StormGeo company.

What you get

  • Calculation of least time, fuel or cost
  • 15-day weather forecasts updated every 6 hours
  • Real-time monitoring and controlling of fleet voyages
  • Fuel and operational cost savings
  • Full set of parameters, ECDIS and GPS interfaces

Safe and cost-efficient routing

The benefits of steadily more sophisticated voyage planning include increased safety and cost savings. Navigator BVS is an easy-to-use system that allows you to estimate and save on fuel consumption, operational costs and to get alternative course advice on potentially dangerous situations before it’s too late.

Key benefits

  • Optimizer finds a sequence of heading and speed combinations to achieve optimum, lowest cost and safest route
  • Reporting engine with plug-in architecture allows usage of customized report templates
  • Evaluation of fuel cost differences between ECA and non-ECA areas
  • Sea-keeping optional add-ons: Ship motions (rolling, slamming, sloshing, etc) Real-time sea-keeping support from measurements, Post-voyage analysis (ship´s motion history database, playback functionality)
  • High resolution wind, wave and current data
  • HYCOM current data combined with tidal stream model
  • Severe motion resonance alerts
  • Latest pirate attack information via IMB
  • Adaptive learning consumption curves upload from AWT every week
  • Detailed port vicinity forecasts
  • Spot forecast tool
  • Forecast areas where Rogue Waves are more likely to occur
  • Broadband allows for more frequent and higher resolution data to be delivered onboard