Advanced Wind Farm Design with WindFarmer course

A two-day course for experienced WindFarmer users, giving a thorough overview of the design process

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GL Garrad Hassan offers, in association with DNV GL, this two-day course on wind farm design. With detailed coverage of the analysis method, the course addresses practical examples using WindFarmer and other current tools for all levels of knowledge.

The design of a wind farm includes studies of various disciplines, such as the basic principles of wind flow, turbulence and the effect of wind turbine wakes, optimizing energy production and environmental impact analysis.

The course aims to give the participant, using a practical case, the chance to learn how to design a wind farm, from initial assessment, through to obtaining the estimated energy production of the park. WindFarmer is the main tool used in the current analysis. During the course participants will be able to use all the capabilities of the software without any limitations so they can experience the day-to-day work of a consultant from GL Garrad Hassan and benefit from that person’s high level of knowledge. Additionally, participants will receive a demo copy of the software. Through using the software in the case study, it shows, in detail, the application of the methodology at all stages of the project.

The course was run on November 20-21, 2013 in Mexico. Open enrollment sessions for 2014 are not yet scheduled. For more information and registration please contact Andrew Brown.

For those who would like to learn more about WindFarmer software we have developed an Introduction course to WindFarmer (scheduled for January 16, 2014) and - for experienced users of WindFamer - an Advanced Use of WindFarmer Software course (scheduled for February 13, 2014).

If wind farm design is relatively new ground, we recommend that you attend our Wind Farm Design course (scheduled for January 15, 2014) first.


■ MCP+ Module:
   - use of measured wind data
   - measure correlate predict
■ Base Module:
   - energy calculation
   - turbine presentation
   - noise modelling
   - optimisation
   - report generation 
■ Shadow Flicker Module

Target Audience:

Developers, engineers, teachers and other professionals who wish to benefit from the technical and commercial experience of GL Garrad Hassan in the process of wind farm design.