Cable Day

Recurring event, characterized by a specific theme around cables.

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    Arnhem (the Netherlands)

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Every edition of Cable Day is characterized by a special theme. In 2012 the theme for Cable Day was a question; a provocative question to be sure: The Dutch Cable Network: innovative of not?

The provocative aspect is hidden in what some would consider asking for the obvious: the cable network is already innovative enough, while others consider that it requires more or different innovation. Furthermore, the targeted objective of the innovation is important; to think only about cost savings would be far off the mark. It also depends to an important degree on where those answering the question are positioned in the field. Network operators, manufacturers and service providers generally would answer this question differently on the basis of their involvement. And that was precisely what we were aiming for: a well supported dialog among the parties with, if possible, one or more unanimous recommendations for the future. In addition to updating your knowledge on cables, several companies displayed their products in the Marketplace.  

This day is scheduled again on November 27, 2014. Cable Day is a knowledge day focused on the Dutch-language market. For additional information visit our Dutch-language website.


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Target Audience:

The entire Dutch-language energy world, at a technical, economic, financial as well as strategic level.