DLMS/COSEM training course - Poland

Two-day training course regarding the capabilities, benefits and recent developments of the DLMS/COSEM communication protocol

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  • Where:

    Gdynia (Poland)

  • Venue:

    upon request

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Correct exchange of meter data is of major importance in the liberalized energy market. Remote energy meter interrogation is essential or the fast and reliable determination of balance or unbalance between forecasts and actual energy usage in a fast and reliable way remote interrogation of energy meters is unavoidable. The data collection protocol DLMS/COSEM is an international standard that is ideal for this purpose. This two-day course will provide you with the knowledge you need regarding the capabilities and benefits of DLMS/COSEM communication and regarding recent developments in this field. The course will be held in Poland.

At the conclusion of the course, you will be familiar with the DLMS/COSEM communication standard, you will know how to go about implementing DLMS/COSEM in your device and you will know how to test your implementation.

Registration fee: EUR 1500 per person

For more information, please refer to the leaflet or contact DNV Academy Poland. For registration in English click here. For registration in Polish click here.

This course is also available in English in Arnhem (the Netherlands) on September 27 and 28, 2012 and throughout 2012 in the UK. It can also be provided as in-house training course (content, location and duration of the course can be adapted to your specific wishes). Please contact us for more information.


■ Introduction 
■ Open communication protocols 
■ Overview DLMS/COSEM 
■ Device modeling 
■ COSEM classes and OBIS codes 
■ DLMS services SN and LN 
■ DLMS protocol layers 
■ DLMS over HDLC and IP 
■ Encoding DLMS frames 
■ Application Association Request / Response 
■ Exercises with DLMS test tools 
■ Conformance testing 
■ Common problems 
■ Evaluation and comparison to other protocols 
■ Questions and discussion

Target Audience:

Developers, consultants and telecom engineers at manufacturers and end-user utilities who require up-to-date knowledge about DLMS/COSEM.