DNP3 training course

Training course on the DNP3 communication protocol and links established using DNP3.

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Training Information

  • Date:

    Will be scheduled once we have enough people who are interested in this course

  • Duration:

    2 days

  • Location:

    Arnhem, the Netherlands

  • Language:

    English or Dutch (depending on the group composition), course material in English

The DNP3 communication protocol is mainly used for telecontrol purposes. Its main features are scalability, reliability and efficiency. This DNP3 training course offers the opportunity to get familiar with the standard. Training objectives are:

  • to get an overview of the DNP3 standard
  • to understand the capabilities and restrictions of the standard
  • to learn how the communication works
  • to get hands on experience with analysing DNP3 communications
  • to get an understanding of (the benefits of) DNP3 conformance testing
For more information, please refer to the leaflet. This course will be scheduled once we have enough people who are interested in this course. Please contact us when you are interested in this course.

On request, the Energy Academy can also provide an in-house training course in English or Dutch (content, location and duration of the course can be adapted to the client's wishes). Please contact us for more information.

  • Introduction to open communication protocols
  • Introduction to DNP
  • DNP protocol layers
  • DNP objects
  • Practical experiences
  • Subset levels
  • Demonstration of communication using software tools
  • Hands-on communication analysis (using an analyzer)
  • Testing of implementations

Target Audience:

Developers, consultants and telecom engineers at manufacturers and end-user utilities who need up-to-date knowledge about the DNP3 companion standards.