Power cables - Aging phenomena and maintenance strategies.

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    Dresden, Germany

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    upon request

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The efficient operation of cables requires knowledge about the most important physical-technical attributes and the general operational context. This training imparts the basics on the design, loading and ageing of paper-mass and polymeric cables as well as the dimensioning, projection and operation of cable lines for MV networks. Special attention is given to demand optimization, because of the cost pressures that energy supply companies are currently experiencing.

This course will be given in German. Please click here to visit our German website.


• Design of cable installations
• Electrical attributes of paper-mass and XLPE cables
• Practical dimensioning of cable installations
• Methods for analyzing the condition of cable installations, taking into account the insensitivity
• Discussion with professional experts

Target Audience:

Engineering and technical staff of power supply companies and industrial companies with extensive MV networks.