Risk Mitigation Through Certification for Wind Turbines, Wind Farm Projects and Substations

Two-day seminar on type and project certification for onshore and offshore wind farms

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Learn how standards tie into risk management and what can be done from a technical point of view to reduce risks and protect investments in wind projects. Sessions include presentations on main design principles, requirements and current best industry practice in this multidisciplinary industry.

This seminar is designed to increase attendees' familiarity with standards and certification process to save time, money, reduce the risk and hereby enable capture of added value in the final products.

An open enrollment session was organized on September 24-25 in Beijing. A date for the next session isn't determined yet.

For more information, please refer to the leaflet or contact
Simon Feng.


■ Introduction to DNV type and project certification
■ Risk mitigation through certification
■ Certification of wind turbines and components  
■ Certification of wind farm projects and substations 
■ Site specific conditions for offshore wind farms 
■ Design   
■ Manufacturing, installation, commissioning and in-service 
■ Global challenges for offshore wind 

Target Audience:

Technical staff, engineers, and project managers developing wind turbines, substations, components, substructures for both onshore and offshore wind projects.