Training course Pulverized Coal Fired Power Plants

Customized training course that covers the entire operating process at a pulverized coal-fired power plant, including fuel, combustion technology, boiler technology, flue gas treatment and residual products

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The complete process of a pulverized fuel fired power station is treated, with regard to fuel, combustion, flue gas cleaning and by-products. It starts with coal properties and coal sampling and covers combustion as well as the different options for flue gas treatment. Finally, the various options for utilizing residual coal combustion products are discussed.

■ Knowledge of basic design and operating principles
■ Understanding of fuel characteristics and their effects on plant
■ Knowledge of options for co-firing of biomass
■ Understanding options for ash utilization and effects of fuel
   composition and plant operation and ash quality
■ Overview of the interdependency of the different operational 
   requirements of a coal-fired power plant

This customized course is available upon request. The exact content and level of detail of these projects, as well as the number of subjects, can be varied depending on the needs of the customer. Please contact us for more information.


■ Coal properties, sampling & grinding  
■ Combustion installations (entrained flow, fluidized bed,
   IGCC and oxy-fuel) 
■ Boiler material technologies (AD700, USC technology) 
■ Low NOx combustion 
■ Corrosion 
■ Slagging and fouling 
■ Co-firing of biomass 
■ Flue gas treatment (FGD, DeNOx, particulates) 
■ Properties and application of fly-ash, bottom ash and gypsum 
■ Legislation and permitting (National and EU)

Target Audience:

Operators and staff responsible for individual constituent processes in a pulverized coal-fired power plant, as well as for the plant as a whole.