Training course Testing of earthing installations

Two-day training course in the German language providing participants with knowledge of earthing measurements

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    Dresden, Germany

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    upon request

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Introduction to the devices, equipment and procedures used for earthing measurements, taking into account applicable standards and most frequent sources of defects. Qualification for the performance of earthing measurements with useable results in low and medium-voltage plants. Presentation of tasks, technological procedures and problems associated with the performance of earthing measurements in high and extra-high-voltage plants.

This course will be given in the German language. For more information please contact us.


Transfer of knowledge of dealing with to 3- or 4-terminal earthing devices to define the position of the auxiliary ground and the probe on a geological basis. Description of the correct measurement procedure and possible sources of error, different procedures and methods of earthing or measurement, and determination of touch voltage technology. Discussion with DNV GL experts and other participants.

Target Audience:

Engineering personnel and technicians (foremen) involved in erection, commissioning, or operation of electric supply plants.