Wave and tidal energy conversion

A one day course for professionals who wish to increase their knowledge of the key issues associated with wave and tidal energy conversion technologies.

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    1 day

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    upon request

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A detailed overview of the fundamental principles behind the main technological solutions to convert wave and tidal energy into electricity will be given, along with the key methodologies to evaluate the energy resource, device site suitability and device data.

In addition, hydrodynamic modeling techniques (both numerical and experimental), details of several power conversion mechanisms and an account of full-scale real seas experience to date will also be covered.

The course will provide a unique account of R&D and field experience in the wave and tidal energy sector, which can be used as a starting point for those who are new to the field or who wish to define a development strategy for their concept/company.

We also run more detailed one day courses on Tidal stream energy conversion and Wave energy conversion.