Wind Farm Design - one day course

A one-day course for industry professionals looking to learn about wind farm design, giving a thorough overview of the design process

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DNV GL (legacy GL Garrad Hassan) offers this one-day course on wind farm design. The course is supported by concise notes, examples and practical demonstrations using the latest software.

The process of wind farm design involves a number of disciplines and skilled use of sophisticated software tools. Starting from the principles of wind flow, turbulence, wake effects, and ending with optimised energy production and careful environmental analysis, this course provides an excellent grounding.

Investment in an understanding of wind farm design can reduce timelines and costs at the development stages of a project. The course uses WindFarmer software to illustrate the concepts and attendees will receive a demonstration copy for follow-up exploration.

For more information and registration please click here or contact Andrew Brown.


  • Introduction
  • Principles of wind flow
  • Wind speed monitoring
  • Analysis and interpretation of wind speed data
  • Use of wind flow models in wind farm design
  • Wake models and wake model verification
  • Calculation of predicted and wind farm output
  • Environmental analysis
  • Energy assessment using production data of neighbouring wind farms
  • Optimising wind farm layout
  • Further analysis and conclusions
  • Q&A session

Target Audience:

Industry professionals looking to learn about wind farm design.